Specfox takes all of the hard work out of writing website specifications. Bridging the gap between design and development, our beautiful and simple design specification documents detail all the intricacies of your web project that often get lost in translation.


Create Simple Website Specification Documents

Specfox allows you to add notes right on to your to project screens. Annotate, describe and explain your ideas behind every element on the page.

With the autosave feature, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to hit save again - your website specifications will always be safely stored on our secure servers.


Export Beautiful Annotated Design Specifications

Once you’re done creating your design specifications, you can download your project into one clean, clear, and professional PDF - perfect for sending to a client, your developers, or both!

Specfox documents look are easy on the eye, easy to understand, and easy to create!


Easily Share Design Specification with Developers

Design specification documents are made to be shared. Specfox makes this easy - our one-click share functionality allows you to share your website specifications with everyone in one go.

Developers, designers, project managers, clients - every project stakeholder is easily updated on the latest spec.

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